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The oldest book in Mafra's National Palace library.

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

In this post we thought of doing some investigation work to satisfy our curiosity and also at the same time to share with our readers some "cultural gems" that are present in museums and libraries nearby us. We went on a search for the oldest book in Mafra region and decided to start with the famous library of Mafra's National Palace - Palácio Nacional de Mafra.

In our findings for the oldest book in the library in Mafra's National Palace, we unveiled pieces of text written in latin and printed in Gothic calligraphy. It is a chronicle that describes the creation of the world until the date of its publication.

It's an incunabulum (printed works before the 15th century).

It contains woodcut images* of: Adam and Eve; Able and Cain; Noah's Ark; cities.

Foresti, Jacopo Filippo, (1434-1520)

Supplementum Chronicarum

Venice: [Bernardinus Rizus, 1492 ou 1493]

[2] f. br., [2], 256, [11] f., [2] f. br. : il. ; In fol. (32 cm)

BPNM 1-41-2-9

* Woodcut images - A printmaking technique that involves printing an image from a carved plank of wood. The image is cut into the wood using tools such as chisels, gouges, and knives. Raised areas of the image are inked and printed, while cut away or recessed areas do not receive ink and appear blank on the printed paper.

We much appreciate the collaboration and effort of the kind staff at the headquarter office of Mafra's National Palace, that allowed us to get this information of interest to share with you.

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