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'KAREN ARMSTRONG IS A GENIUS' - A.N. Wilson, author of The Victorians and Winnie and Wolf

'Sacred Nature... is a spiritual time capsule of the post-Christian soul in crisis, a lamentation in the key of Greta Thunberg, with undertones of Carl Jung' Wall Street Journal

In her hugely powerful book, Karen Armstrong argues that it isn't enough to change our behaviour to avert environmental catastrophe, we must rekindle our spiritual bond with the natural world. From gratitude and compassion to sacrifice and non-violence, Armstrong draws themes from the world's religious traditions to offer practical steps to reconnect you with nature.

Speaking to anyone interested in our relationship with nature, worried about environmental destruction, or searching for new actions to save our planet, Sacred Nature will uncover the most profound connections between humans and the natural world.

'Warm and witty... a challenge to think differently in the face of climate change' Tablet

'Karen Armstrong is one of the handful of wise and supremely commentators on religion' Alain de Botton

'One of our best living writers on religion' Financial Times

Sacred Nature - Karen Armstrong

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